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Crank's Progress

Not sure about you, but at the end of every timetrial season I find myself thinking 'if only I had started training well before the start of the season, how much better my times would have been'. I then swear to train solidly over the winter and hit the Spring running.

Nice idea, but we all know what happens to New Year's resolutions ?

But this year it's different...


The key thing is to keep what little fitness has been gained during the season and to 'get the miles in' during the winter. But the miles seem a lot harder when it's cold and wet with the result that they never happen.
So the plan is to get a run in every week and a session on the turbo trainer in the garage.

Went out for the first run - about 1 1/2 miles rounnd the local park. So slow I couldn't bare to post up the run above, so I've put up a train journey I took instead !

Yes, I've found another gimmick to encourage me to keep up my new training regime. My phone has a Sportstracker GPS app that lets me record every run/ride and share it with the world - or at least anyone who could be bothered to look at this sort of boring stuff on the web. It even records how many steps I've taken during the run. How on earth does it do that ? Those satellites can see everything !

Tomorrow, expect to feel like someone sneaked into my room and replaced my legs with a pair of Long John Silver's cast-offs during the night, but will persevere and record the next one and share it anyway.

Can any of this help me get anywhere near a PB for a 10 ? We'll see...