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Emily's Teen Corner

Keep up with a teenager's view of all this fuss about 2 wheels..

Helloo cycle crankers, ? I can not believe my Father. He made me watch the Tour de France a few days ago and it was the most frustrating thing I have ever seen. That Scottish guy, I think his name is Mark something or other, was like miles ahead and then he was just swallowed up and I don’t even think he came into the top 10. I mean, I find that quite unlucky. Cycling is evil. Haha.
I have also found that, though they may not be as comfortable as the padded cycling shorts, jeggings (denim/ jean leggings) look very good as a cycling accessory. I’ve found some nice ones at Topshop if you follow this link

How do you like my new bike ?
The Crank built it for me...
Topshop have also brought out a new line of cycling wear, getting rid of the retro gold shorts and bringing in new denim shorts and a cute pair of floral cycling shorts. Check the range out at Topshop, where you simply search cycle.
That’s just a few suggestions, probably just for girls though, that will prevent the smirf look I’ve told you about.
Tootles x


Hey again!

I’ve written this new article for CycleCrank because recently it was national cycling week. Apparently, national cycling week always leading up to the London to Brighton bike ride, but I only know this because Dad has been doing that thing again where he repeats, something that he thinks is interesting, about a million times! I don’t actually know what national cycling week is all about but I’m guessing if you’re really sad you could go out celebrating the greatness of cycling or something like that...On the subject of cycling in local bike rides, my family and I have all recently participated in a couple of bike rides near us, including the Tadworth Wheels of Steel , for the second time running and a small section of the London to Brighton bike ride. In the Tadworth bike ride, we were meant to be doing the 25 miles race, but under the circumstances of weather and tiredness, we decided only to do the 10 miles cycle and this resulted well, as we left off at about 10 o’ clock and were pretty fast at the course going around Tadworth and around Epsom Downs.

It was really fun and at half way there were only 2 cyclists ahead of us, but then of course, Dad needs the toilet! And we get over- taken by two more people.
It didn’t matter though because we over- took everyone on the hills. It started bucketing it down and my legs actually turned bright pink because the rain was hitting the bare skin so hard!

We came to the finish line first before anyone else and then I just really wanted to go home to a hot chocolate and warmth!

We also took part in some of the London to Brighton bike ride on Sunday and our cousins also came along. We didn’t officially register in the race, but we did join in and it looked like my brother, my cousins and I were by far the youngest people taking part. We rode to about Redhill, which is pretty far for us and cycled back up this really steep hill which half killed me.

In total we went just under 20 miles which we were happy with. Dad is determined to make us do the whole thing next year...I think I will be ill that day... I can already feel a headache coming on...

Oh my God, I really cannot believe that the Tour de France is on again. I think they should have it every 4 years like the Olympics because I haven’t been able to watch a thing on the TV this week it’s either been the Tour de France or the Wimbledon Tennis, it is all completely boriinnnnnngggggg. All it is is some random cyclists riding along on bikes to win some trophy. Couldn’t they try and win a trophy in some other, maybe more exciting, sport perhaps. I’d much rather be out cycling myself.

Oh well, I’ll have to put up with it for some time now, I don’t know when it finishes. I hope it’s soon. Haha. I swear, if I get another call from Barry Astral asking to speak to Dad about the Tour that’s on the TV at that moment, I will scream. I mean it, they can both see the TV in their own homes they do not need to discuss what both of them are both seeing. I’d rather talk about Big Brother ?

Ok. That’s it from me speak soon. Emily x


Last Edition's Intro from Emily...

Hello. I am Emily and my Dad is cycling mad! If we have an inset day at school and we don’t know what to do, Dad ALWAYS suggests, “How about we go cycling?!” I enjoy cycling, but honestly, when my tyres need pumping and he tries to explain how to fix it, it’s almost as if he’s not speaking English! Its valve caps, nozzles, cassettes, rear derailleur and spokes, I don’t know what any of that means! But, when I’m actually on my bike it’s great, it’s a sense of freedom and it’s a good way to think things over if you’re stressed. Cycling is a great form of exercise and I find that it is easy to fit into my everyday routine; cycling to school or just going cycling for a break between homework. I like to be healthy and I feel much better after going cycling; even if I’m extremely tired! I enjoy going cycling with my friends and family too because you can travel faster to a destination and everyone enjoys the activity of cycling.

Last year, my Mum, Dad, Brother and I took part in the Wheels of Steel race, for which we all got kitted out with lycra shorts, fingerless gloves, jackets and our bikes were fixed to perfection. On the day, it was it was hot and the sun was shining; the perfect day. We were only doing 10 miles, but it seemed like such a lot! We cycled around the Epsom Down’s roads and motorways and after a while we got a break where people gave out bottled water and bananas. We continued on and it felt such an achievement to finish! We were given medals as souvenirs of the day and we all ordered ice-creams from an ice- cream van! It was great fun and we are hoping to do it again the year, but the 25 mile race this time. If you want to know more about the Wheels of Steel races search wheels of steel in google for more information, click here.

Every four years, when the Olympics are on, my Dad is forever watching the cycling and every four years my Dad says, “In a few years time that could be you Emily! You could be an Olympic cyclist!” Ha! No thanks! I don’t want to be an Olympic cyclist; they get all sweaty and have to wear lycra all-in-one suits with sponsored companies on them, Eww! Okay, you would be a glorified champion who would probably be on the news and in newspapers and everyone would know who you were if you came first, but I am seriously not going to get to be that good in a matter of years. I only go cycling about thrice a month! My brother cycles more than me, he could be an Olympic gold medallist if he wanted, because, though I hate to admit it, he is sooo muchos faster than me!

The only thing I can really understand and talk about in cycling is fashion. I quite enjoy the fingerless, padded gloves and the tiny lycra shorts, but some of the things that they sell in cycling shops (clothes- wise) are absolutely repulsive! I mean- come on- you’re going to be cycling around in public in this, you don’t what to look like a smurf with an electric blue, drawstring, bag- like thing on your head, do you? No, I didn’t think so. But, I have news for you if you’re looking for some stylish cycling gear, it may not be so efficient or sustainable, but Topshop has come up with an interesting line of cycling gear which you might like to see.

Thanks for reading my first article come back soon for more.