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Sean Kelly. Is he all there ?

As I watch the Giro unfold on my television via the quirky Eurosport coverage, am I the only one who thinks that Sean Kelly is probably the worst commentator since the invention of the microphone ?
For a start, he is amost totally unintelligible, as he mumbles on inanely about nothing. Secondly, his so called 'incisive' take on the action couls have been dreamt up by a 4 year old.

When asked who he thinks is likely to win the stage, he is likely to come up with such gems as 'oi tink it will be the one to cross the loin first' - genius ! He will then go on for seemingly hours explaining to us that iff you take a turn at the front and actually pedal for a while, you will eventually get tired - maybe!

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However, one of my favourites was when his cohort was 'buttering him up' by saying what a great palmares he had and how he had won the race being watched several times in his career. Sean answered, 'actually, oi never rode this race ever'.

Come on Eurosport get your act together...