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Letter for Tony Tickle

Re tony tickles article on stress factures... Having torn my calf on Dec 18th I though it was healing well. Then, 10 days later I pinged it again walking down a garden step too quickly! Now in told its 6 wks...  Do I believe... Yep..
Paul Tuohy
London to Brighton bike ride - starting early...
I did the London to Brighton bike last weekend for the first time with my brother and cousins ( 11 and 13 ). It was so much fun ! When I was on my bike, I did see some very cool people. There were some smallish hills, but it was still so much fun.
I did not go the whole way, but I still had the most fun on a bike for a long time, so I am glad I did the bike ride and I think that my cousins had a lovely time too.

Cameron Stone 12yrs, Ewell
A word from Saudi Arabia.
Great web site, almost enough to get me back on two wheels after all these years. Bit hot for that tonight though. It's about 32 C here and its 9:20 PM. Perhaps when I get somewhere cooler I will get myself a bike and try it out.
Great to see the Tour on you web site, missed it today as although it's our weekend here it's the day off in Italy.
Keep up the good work - hope it goes really well.
Best Regards
Cockram , Saudi Arabia

A question for Astral. Barry, what are your views on Wiggo losing the final TT at the Giro by one second? Do you think that he should ditch the outdated solid rear wheel?
John, sevenoaks.
and Astral's reply...

You know as well as I do, the benefits of the solid rear wheel. Now if he had only fitted a pneumatic tyre ( pump up one to you ) then he may have done it ! As you know in my day, I had no choice !


Cycling needs CycleCrank !! About time a website appeared with sensible views for the discerning cyclist. Barry Astral has certainly got the correct viewpoint on the Giro - far more informed than William Fotherington who also has a silly name. I can't wait for his next musing.
Paul Tuohy, Dartford


Pushed off bike by thugs in car...Whilst out riding in the lanes around Dartford, I heard a revving of an engine behind me and shouts of abuse and before I knew what had happened, I had been pushed off into the hedge, buckling my front wheel and suffering several scratches in the process. The police seem powerless to do anything and laying in a ditch, so was I. Has anyone else had this sort of misfortune ?...
Paul from Dartford.

How can you take a bike over to France by Train ? All I want to do is take my bike over to watch the Tour de France, by train. But it all seems so difficult...
Arthur King, Surrey.more...

and Astral's reply...

TRY European bike express, you can be transported from vantage points in GB & transported & dropped off in most of France/ Spain. They will collect you on a pre-arranged schedule.


Sean Kelly. Is he all there ? As I watch the Giro unfold on my television via the quirky Eurosport coverage, am I the only one who thinks that Sean Kelly is probably the worst commentator since the invention of the microphone ?
Andy from Wallington.more...